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What to know before building a deck?

Here are 10 important things to consider so you can avoid mistakes before planning, designing, and building a deck.

  • The Deck’s Purpose and Function.
  • The Deck’s Location.
  • The Budget for Building a Deck.
  • Can You Build It Yourself?
  • Know Deck Material Options.
  • Consider the Deck’s Style.
  • Include Deck Lighting.
  • Consider Built-Ins.
  • Think About Privacy.
  • Know the Building Codes
  • Do decks need a foundation?
  • Decks are supported by foundations, which transfer loads to the soil. The system comprises concrete footings, deck posts, anchors and post caps. Footings are concrete pads that typically rest at least 12 inches below the ground. In some areas, they extend deeper based on frost lines or when working on a steep grade.

Does a deck add value to your home?

  • In terms of pure home resale value, wood decks provide the best return on your investment. The more affordable material translates to a more affordable deck project while boosting the resale value of your home to a similar amount compared to a composite deck

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