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Office Remodel

Office Remodel

How do I build an office at home?

Here are the most important things you need to build an effective home office from scratch.

  • Choose the right space.
  • Prioritize the supplies you really need.
  • Add productivity tools.
  • Consider ways to boost your wellbeing.
  • Build a break space.

Designing the perfect home office.

Office Remodel

What should you not do when renovating?

Here are some of the most common home renovations mistakes to avoid:

  • Setting an unrealistic budget. …
  • Not complementing the original architectural style. …
  • Sacrificing function for form. …
  • Being too trendy. …
  • Installing new appliances last. …
  • Buying furniture and home décor too early. …
  • Not ordering extra flooring. …
  • Focusing on appearance.

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